I was at Electrokitty Studio the last couple Fridays and a Saturday ago to record 4 more songs for my new album. Mike decided to setup 14-16 mics for a drum session that we recorded through a Neve Lunchbox.

The incredible Daniel Nash Braithwaite managed to situate his drumset perfectly in the middle of the mic-web. With all the XLR cables and microphones, it was like... crouching cymbal, hidden drummer!

We had extra time so we found ourselves recording 5 songs instead of the scheduled 4. One of the songs we worked on was something I wrote recently called "Honeymoon on Neptune." This was the first time Gary had used the Neve Lunchbox since purchase, so hooray for breaking it in finally! :D

So, because it was Gary's first time using it, he wasn't quite familiar with all the fixings and couldn't figure out where the delay was coming from on the Neve. It took me 30 minutes to remember I had turned on the delay in ProTools and forgot to tell him...

GARY: Where the fuck is the delay coming from out of this thing?
ME: Maybe there's a setting? Or try a different channel?
GARY: Dammit, I just bought this. Is it broken?
ME: Maybe it's the oscillator?
MIKE: Check the buffer settings in ProTools?
GARY: I've never had to do that before!
ME: Oh... wait... actually, I think I turned on the delay inside the project.
GARY: ...you what?
ME: Just keeping things classy with a little ProTools delay...

In the end, we got a lot of stuff done, including drums for "Dingbat!"

"Dingbat" scratch mix found here

Despite all this busy music stuff, my monk and my boyfriend's witch doctor are both level 32 in Diablo 3 now and we killed Diablo on our first attempt. Hiiiiiya!

And now, naptime kitteh style.