Here is "Nothing but Silence" -- the one I recorded and wrote when I was a kid -- yes, KID. I feel like I'm getting up there in my 20s that I can say this! AND also available below is the new version produced and mixed by Gary Reynolds at Electrokitty Studios.

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Between the lovey dovey fright night and the chaos that October has been for me, I found some time to work on a dark melody. I guess I went dark because it was October and I was trying to come up with something not-so-happy, which has been difficult for me the last few years! So here is the darkest song I've managed to write since 2008.

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This is the furthest (or closest) thing to a love song I have ever written for the moment. Maybe another one, "This Breath Breathed," might be closer... but nonetheless. It's called "Pre-Engagement Ring" and I was inspired to write it a VERY long time ago after listening to "Fingertips" by They Might Be Giants.  A new version was recorded recently.

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