This is the furthest (or closest) thing to a love song I have ever written. Maybe another one, "This Breath Breathed," might be closer... but nonetheless. It's called "Pre-Engagement Ring" and I was inspired to write it a VERY long time ago after listening to "Fingertips" by They Might Be Giants.  A new version was recorded recently. Both versions are up for free grabs below.

DOWNLOAD ORIGINAL HERE: Pre-Engagement Ring (original)

DOWNLOAD NEW VERSION HERE: Pre-Engagement Ring (new)


[song 1]

Just love me forever forgive bad behavior

I want you to take me away I can't wait

Elope to the stars making some cosmic something

Say yes and give a pre-engagement ring

[song 2]

I don't need a band of diamonds just a piece of simple metal

(pre-engagement ring)

A promise before promise before happy happy after

(pre-engagement ring)

Huh what's the fuss about the one I want's ten thousand bucks

(pre-engagement ring)

[song 3]

I don't mean to be blunt but the PRESSURE IS ON

My size four finger has been WAITING SO LONG

So if you still feel iffy HERE'S AN IDEA

Propose eternity to me or I'LL DIE YOU HEAR

[song 4]

Since I've met you everything's changed

I want the biggest house and have daily nude parades

You didn't intend for me to learn

How to say I love you (but I did) now it's your turn