Between the last post of releasing my sophomore album "Honeymoon On Neptune" and now, a lot has happened.

Mostly a lot of promoting for said album.

For which some special people deserve a fist bump.


Thank you to the following for reviewing/playing/enjoying/bumping the album: the Wonderful Irwin Chusid at WFMU, the Fabulous Hunter Felt, the Super Awesome Captain Jelly Bean of Jelly Bean Radio, Round Magazine, all the random wonderful college radio stations out there, and all you wonderful random Last.fm and Spotify people. And some freaking awesome cool bands like Torn ACLs and The Outlaws.

Also, HUGE thank you to all who have purchased the album via iTunes and Amazon! :D And to those who were patient with my wonderful eCommerce cart fixes with PayPal. Hooray for web development + music creation!

So during all the album promoting, I have pondered many a thing. One of them is why does the teriyaki joint down the street from me form rice in the shape of...lemon?

My boyfriend said it didn't look like a lemon. And that it would be funny if some sri racha sauce was poured all over it. And yes -- it was hilarious when I did it. However, I wondered why in the world would they go through all the trouble of molding rice into lemon.

I just straight up asked the next time I went to get teriyaki.



ME: Why do you serve rice in the shape of a lemon?

DUDE: Because. It is cute.

ME: Oh... that makes sense.

DUDE: Yes. It lemon shape. Because not so exciting if it was just there!




    So the whole point of sharing this entire rice shaping experience is if you can figure out how to be a lemon, or at least already understand what makes you a lemon, you too can be more than "just there." And get asked why you're so lemony!

    This leads into my new hippie motto: EMBRACE YOUR INNER LEMON.

    I have some "inner lemons" of mine I haven't completely embraced over the years, but the main one I've recently recognized is that outside of making music, I'm a huge nerd. And one of my lemons is watching Star Trek and attending Comic-Con.

    Below is probably the coolest Star Trek thing I have to date:

    It's a Star Trek: Next Generation poster signed by the following (with written messages):

    Jonathan Frakes is hilarious!

    Jonathan Frakes is hilarious!

    • Jonathan Frakes: "I wish you played Troi!"
    • Wil Wheaton: "This needs more WHEATON."
    • Patrick Stewart: didn't have time to personalize anything, but he did receive a free copy of "Honeymoon On Neptune." :D
    • Brent Spiner: "Keep your DATA awesome!" I had asked him to write "keep your data sanitized" but he took it as a slight insult due to his germ phobia and constant Purel use. So it ended up being "awesome" instead.

    Anyway, I wanted to share this because no matter how crazy an inner lemon or hobby someone may have, if it makes you happy and unintentionally causes you to standout from the crowd once in a while, so freaking be it! :)

    Another one of my lemons, as hinted above with data sanitization, is how much I freaking love data and SQL programming.

    I often wonder, "If I sing a query, will it execute?"

    One day, I will write a song based on a query, and we will all find out together.




    This whole blog entry makes me want to write a follow-up to "Ripenings."